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                                                                                THE RETURN OF CHYMALL AND ACCOUNT RE-ACTIVATION

Another Warm greeting from CHY Mall management and hierarchy, we can’t stop cherishing and valuing our business relationship that exists between our numerous members.

Today, we are going to announce great news of the company’s initiative of returning back to work after all the challenges the company faced during the past months.

Firstly, the Chymall website was hacked by the enemies on the 29th of January 2021. We have applied all negotiable strategies to see if we can recover the site from the hands of the hackers but all to no avail.

So today we the core team of Chymall has decided to come out from our shame and apologize to all our dear customers for this terrible experience that nearly destroyed our image.

We are always grateful for the business experience we had and today we have built a better digital crypto E-commerce business

In addition to the major problems the company had was the fraudulent character developed by some of the chymall service center leaders. Some of these leaders stopped remitting capitals to the company since June 2020. Also, some service center leaders also refused to distribute the delivered products to respective owners; this totally made our E-commerce business look like an Electronic company without physical products for sales.

During the days of our absent-ism, the company has acquired a crypto coin which will be listed in the exchange market soon, the Gold Coin. Our coin will be used by our members to purchase goods and services, place new trade order and swap them for other crypto coins.

Still on the short break, we were able to develop a powerful E-commerce platform that accepts both paper money and cryptocurrency as exchange for goods and services.

All members will be refunded their 75% of their trading capital, 25% goes into his liquidity account and cost of new site development. Once the mainet is launched, all Chymall members will be rewarded with a 50 gold coin as a token for apology.

To launch our coin and to push it into the exchange market we will need members to have some of this coins in their possession. Buy 10 Gold coin as criteria for re –activating your account and stand a chance of entering into the New site of transaction.

Procedure for reactivation is found in out re-activation blog, members who were not able to activate their accounts with the space of February and March will stand to lose their account and all their trading profits.  


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