Understanding Where We Are – CHY MALL NIGERIA

Understanding Where We Are – CHY MALL NIGERIA

Understanding Where We Are

In the Journey of Life, opportunities for expansion comes and as it comes, it comes with some changes. If one accept the positive changes one can progress and if one refused, retrogression is sure.

Sairui is a Company name and CHY is also a Company name. Sairui has something that CHY is looking for and CHY also has something that Sairui needs to build. This makes for perfect match. CHY has built a name which is a function of years of excellent discharge of business diligence and consistency. Sairui on the other hand has built an unbeatable Ideology called NEW-RETAIL.

A partnership where the unique selling preposition of each partner is not lost is therefore the most important, and as such, a brilliant memorandum of understanding is carved out. CHY remains the name and NEW-RETAIL remains the business model. This means that the customers from the different partners can retain their value system and modus operandi.

CHY is the name!
New-Retail is the E-commerce Business model.

The total output = Effectiveness, Efficiency, Sustainability, Expansion, Wider Coverage and Globalization.

CHY we will never leave you alone.


Yours Sincerely,

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