P3 : Cost analysis and decision-making – M31 : Cost accounting

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More informations on : http://www.actiononline.fr/parcours/analyse-des-couts-et-prise-de-decisions/

Learning goals:
1- Differentiate financial accounting from cost accounting.
2- Understand the uses of cost accounting.
3- Grasp the cost concept.
4- Understand the main costing methods.

– Financial and cost accounting
– The cost concept
– Cost accounting methods
– Quiz – Cost accounting

A word from the author
“Introducing a management control system promotes growth and productivity.
This type of control system helps companies define their goals.
No action can be taken without accurate information on the volume of sales that must be reached in order to reach the breakeven point.
This introductory module describes cost accounting and costing systems, as opposed to financial accounting (general accounting).
The aim is that you become familiar with the key terms and to describe the main techniques to use to meet operational management needs.”