Man was dead for 3 years before he was found in apartment

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DESOTO, TEXAS — A Navy veteran who lived in Texas had been deceased for around three years before his body was discovered inside his apartment.
According to WFAA, Ronald Wayne White had a job working for a defense contractor, which caused him to have to travel extensively.
White, who would have been 51 when he died, had moved several times over the years but always kept in touch with his family.
Three years ago, those calls suddenly stopped. Unfortunately, his mother in New York didn’t have enough money to hire private investigators to help locate White.
And because of his travel history, several police departments were unable to treat the case as a missing persons case.

Authorities say White’s rent was automatically withdrawn from his bank account every month.
Police told WFAA that White’s body was discovered when apartment workers were investigating units where no water had been used for a long period of time.
The third-floor apartment was new and had all the windows sealed. Inside the residence were diabetes medications dated 2016.

Police say there was zero indication of foul play. Toxicology tests have been ordered to determine his cause of death.