Question: Do I need to recruit (refer) people before I earn every trading cycle of 10-12 days?
Ans: NO

Question: How do I get paid or make withdrawals?
Ans: There are 3 ways we get paid on CHY Mall includes Peer-to-Peer, Bank Withdrawals and Bitcoin.

Question: Do I have to sell products before getting my money?
Ans: No…. We don't sell products on CHY Mall. The company sells for us while we earn profits.

Question: Do I earn every 10 - 12 days after trading?
Ans: Yes

Question: Do I earn both my trade money and profit after the 10 - 12 days trading cycle?
Ans: Yes

Question: Where is your office in Nigeria?
Ans: CHY Mall has not opened her Company office to attend to the large public in Nigeria yet…. Rather CHY Mall has Service Centres across different states!

Question: How long will this business last?
Ans: As long as people use Quantum Energy Products.

Question: Can I set my earnings on autopilot?
Ans: Yes. There is now Autotrade for 5 rounds and 10 rounds of trade while you just take profits.