Chymall $10 Reactivation Fee; Many Are Paying || What's Your Take?

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*Chymall $10 Reactivation Fee || Many People Are Paying || What’s Your Take?*

There’s a reactivation fee of $10 required for every Chymall member to have access back to his/her account, as stated in the newly-released Chymall Communique 51.

There are many questions here:

1. How authentic is this Communique?

3. How authentic is the reactivation blog site?

3. Why a reactivation fee when the company could have used our outstanding balance to pay it off?

4. Could this be a scam exit strategy?

5. Why are some Chymall members already paying the fee?

6. For those who have paid and received the code, have they been able to get access to the site?

Please, our genuine answers to these questions would guide us all to make informed decisions.

Let’s hear from you.